I’m A Steeples

Perhaps it would help to know how we are related by posting individual Steeples lineage. Here is mine:

Mike Settles -> Lois Steeples Settles -> William Wallace Steeples -> David James Steeples -> Francis Oliphant Steeples -> William Steeples.

Feel free to post a reply showing your own heritage.

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  1. Cynthia French says:

    Cynthia Louise (Dixon) French -> Nancy Jane (Lowry) Dixon -> Freda Ruth (Steeples) Lowry ->David James Steeples -> Frances Oliphant Steeples -> William Steeples.

  2. Cynthia French says:

    We just took a big family trip to Scotland – with all of my siblings, their wives and some friends (18 people) to celebrate my oldest brother’s 60th birthday. While in Edinburgh, my husband and I went to Musselburgh to see the old house that was featured in the family tree book. We also tracked down where the old house “would have been if it was still standing” at 22 St. Johns street in Edinburgh. I have pictures if you would like them.

    Cynthia French

  3. Mike Settles says:

    What a wonderful trip Cynthia. I would certainly appreciate any photos that you would like to send.

  4. Lois Steeples Settles says:

    Just happened on to your post, Cynthia. Your mother, Nancy, was such a fun person and have wondered about your family ever since her untimely passing. So glad to hear your family still remembers being “Steeples”. Your grandmother (Freda) was very dear to me. We lived in Berkley and Alameda while Bob was in the Navy and we visited with Floyd and her many times, usually playing Canasta. Was as your mom’s wedding. She was a beautiful bride!!

    • Cynthia (Dixon) French says:

      Nice to hear from you… Yes, my mom and my Aunt Doris left us far too early. I miss both of them everyday.. My dad (Ralph) just passed away too in Jan of 2015. Aunt Barbara is still alive but sadly is suffering from Alzheimer’s and doesn’t really remember anything anymore. Most of my family still lives in California (Salinas area). My oldest brother lives in Chicago and I live in Monroe, Louisiana. I will try to post pictures of our recent trip to Scotland. All five of Nancy’s kids went with their spouses… And some friends went along too.. 18 of us in total… It was a blast! My husband and I spent some time in Musselborough- and loved it. I would love more info about our ancestors there if you have any.

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