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David James Steeples Book

By Douglas Steeples with Lois Steeples Settles. The book below is a fascinating account of Steeples history, written by Doug Steeples and Lois Settles.  The book actually contains much more than a biography of David James Steeples, offering the reader significant ancestral background from centuries past, as well as, overall world history from the period surrounding D.J.’s life.  Thank you to both authors for all their hard work, which will be a priceless resource for many future generations of Steeples. […]

Hillon and Monie Steeples

Hillon Steeples was born 02 Aug 1926 in Hays, Kansas.  Hillon married Ramona (Monie) Dodd on 12/27/1947. He died 15 Dec 2012 in Hays, KS. Photos A photo slide show was created by Judy Steeples Alston here in memory of Hillon Steeples. Hillon D. Steeples Obituary Hillon D. Steeples, 86, died Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012 at his home in Hays. He was born August 2, 1926, in Hays to Chester and Olive (Kobler) Steeples. He was a graduate of Kansas State […]

Chester and Olive Steeples

Chester Francis Steeples was born 01 Dec 1902 in Zurich, Kansas. Chester married Olive Irma Kobler on ??/??/19??. He died 23 May 1981 in Plainville, KS. Olive Kobler was born in Penokee, KS on 10 Aug 1900. Olive Kobler Steeples died Oct ??, 1994 in Plainville, KS. Chester and Olive Steeples are buried in Pleasant View Cemetery, Palco, KS. Chester and Olive Steeples had the following children: Hillon Steeples Duane Steeples Donna Steeples Childs Photos

Francis Oliphant and Mary Ann Steeples

Additional content will be added later for Francis (Frank) and Mary Ann Morison Steeples.  However, the David James Steeples book, written by Douglas Steeples with Lois Steeples Settles already contains a wealth of biographical and historical information for Frank and Mary Ann.