Welcome to the website dedicated to the genealogy of the Steeples family. The purpose of this website is to offer freely accessible family history information in a single location for all to enjoy. Although there is significant ancestry information available on the internet, much of it is only available via expensive fee based websites, such as ancestry.com. Some other free sites also offer some excellent information. However, that information can often require significant time and effort to search for specific individuals one at a time. Hopefully, this website can consolidate much of the family information accumulated over many years, thereby saving time for others in the lengthy search process of the same.

Header Photo

The photos in the header of the website are relics from old Steeples photographs, from left to right they are:

  • The Steeples family 1917
  • Wallace, Marie and daughter Jean Steeples
  • The Steeples family band
  • David James Steeples

Content and Discussion

Anyone can post comments to existing content by simply entering your name and email address with the comment or by using your Facebook id.

This website is very much a work in progress. We expect to add new content over time, providing a more complete family history. Family members are also encouraged to honor our ancestors and enlighten future generations by contributing additional content to the website. The site was created using WordPress, which makes it relatively simple to add content for someone with a minimal amount of computer skills. For more information on becoming a website Author, please contact the moderator.

Side Line and Up line Content

Although this website is dedicated to direct Steeples descendants, there are undoubtedly thousands of “sideline” branches in the family tree, created each time a new in-law is introduced to the family.  Side Line ancestry is an integral part of the Steeples story and content is encouraged on the website.  A Sideline Ancestry category has been created for this purpose.

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